Colorado Sports Recovery

HSA cards accepted.
if you don't see a time that works for you, please email We are located at 3457 Ringsby Ct, in the TAXI Community,
Near I-70 and I-25, 1 1/2 miles north of Coors Field. Free off-street parking.

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MAT & Fascial Stretch Therapy w Wyatt - Initial visit - $180
Wyatt’s work provides a long-term solution to pain, tightness and limited range of motion by focusing on the cause of your issue. Based in neuroscience, this session is a combination of Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) and improves outcomes in pain management by testing and correcting muscle contraction.
An individualized treatment plan with simple homework movements will be created for you. At least one subsequent sessions will be necessary depending on your individual needs. Please wear a loose-fitting top and pants.
Have questions? Please schedule a free phone consult with Wyatt (curser back one page for this option).
MAT & Fascial Stretch Therapy w Wyatt - Subsequent session - $125
If this is your first MAT session, please schedule 90-minutes. This subsequent session builds off of previous sessions to stabilize muscles and joints and allow muscles to fire correctly.
Please wear a loose-fitting top and pants.
Muscle Activation Techniques - Free phone consult w Wyatt - $0
Wondering how Muscle Activation Techniques can help you? Need a little more info about how it works?
Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with Wyatt Scott, our MAT Master and corrective exercise professional.
Wyatt will call you at the appointment time. His phone number is (717) 574-5089.
90 min Sports Massage/Fascial Stretch with Colleen - $180
For the competitive or professional athlete interested in recovering quickly and improving mobility/ flexibility so you perform more efficiently and muscle tears and other injuries are less likely.
Consistent sessions are typically needed to obtain long-term results.
Please bring shorts or loose pants for stretching.
One hour Sports Massage/Fascial Stretch with Colleen - $125
Reduces muscle soreness, speeds workout recovery, improves flexibility, and addresses chronic and acute pain/ tension. Regular sessions will improve sports performance and prevent injuries. Please bring shorts or loose pants for stretching.
For best results, schedule at least monthly.
If this is your first session with us, please schedule 90 minutes to allow for a thorough session and treatment plan.
120-min Stretch/ Sports Massage w Colleen - $265
Ideal for the competitive or professional athlete needing extra time for multiple areas of concern. Reduces training recovery time, prevents injuries, improves mobility and addresses chronic and acute issues.
Please bring comfortable clothing for stretching.
One hour Car Accident Treatment (Med-Pay insurance billing)
If you have been in a car accident, we can help you feel better and get back to normal activities, while helping you navigate the insurance system.
Your auto insurance/Med-Pay typically covers $5,000 for medical treatment for the driver and any passengers.
We'll need your claim number and insurance contact information. Feel free to call Colleen with questions at 206-719-1366.
Four 90-min sports massage sessions (save $50) - $670
Are you a competitive athlete ready to excel in your sport? A commitment to four 90-minute fascial stretch+massage therapy sessions will boost recovery and improve joint mobility. Consistent sessions (every one to three weeks) help prevent muscle tears and other major injuries. A treatment plan will be discussed at your first session.
Four one-hour sports massage sessions (save $30) - $470
A commitment of four 60-minute fascial stretch+massage therapy sessions will:
- boost recovery and reduce muscle soreness
- improve joint mobility so you are less likely to suffer from a muscle tear/ injury
- decrease/ eliminate pain and improve body awareness
A treatment plan will be discussed at your first session.
Three one-hour MAT sessions (save $25) - $350
Muscle Activation Techniques treats tendinitis, arthritis, low-back pain, herniated discs and other conditions by identifying and correcting imbalances in muscle strength and stability. The result is a decrease in tightness and pain and an increase in mobility. Full function can typically be restored with a commitment of at least three consecutive sessions.
Nutrition Coaching with Colleen - $85
Congratulations on taking the first step toward better health through nutrition!
In our culture of diets, endless food choices and confusing information about food, I offer common sense guidance to help you make small changes that create big results.
Whether you want more energy, less mood swings, want to prevent viruses/ disease or lose or gain weight, I can help.
In our initial 90-minute session, we will meet in person so I can get to know you and what you hope to achieve. We will then meet weekly or bi-weekly where I will provide support and accountability. Meetings can include grocery shopping/ label reading, meal prep or cooking classes - this individualized program is all about your specific challenges and goals.
A six-month minimum commitment is required.
Give me a call at 206-719-1366 for a free consultation and full program pricing.
I look forward to helping you meet your health and wellness goals!
- Colleen
Directions 3457 Ringsby Court, Denver, CO, United States